Rand Paul Demolishes CNN’s Jake Tapper For Spreading Fake News About Paris Accord

Ever since President Trump withdrew from the unfair Paris Treaty, liberals have been acting like the world is coming to an end. Literally. CNN pushes these exaggerations. CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Rand Paul. Rand Paul crushed him over and over again.

“We anticipate that President Trump is going to announce not only that he is withdrawing but that he does want to have a better climate deal. What might a better climate deal look like?” asked Tapper.

“Well, first you wouldn’t lose 6 million American jobs. I think one of the reasons President Trump was elected is that he promised that he would defend American workers and American jobs. There are estimates that this agreement, which is unfair, and punishes America in a much greater fashion than other countries, that we would lose 6 and a half million jobs. Meanwhile, countries like India and countries like Iran, we would have to pay them to reduce their carbon emissions,” said Paul.