Rush Limbaugh Slams Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg In A Humiliating Way, It Wasn’t Even On Purpose

Rush Limbaugh completely crushed liberal Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg without even meaning to. He started by critiquing his commencement speech. In the speech Zuckerberg advocated for “universal basic income”, Rush ripped him apart for that.

But before that, Limbaugh listened to some audio of Zuckerberg speaking. He interrupted the show to tell the editors that they were playing the wrong clip, because he was listening to a woman’s voice. But nope, it was Mark Zuckerberg.

“Wait, wait, stop the tape! Mark Zuckerberg, don’t give me some woman here. It’s Mark Zuckerberg. You’re not playing the right bite. That was a woman, right?… Oh, really? Oh, jeez. Oh, it’s too long. There’s too much time gone by to bleep that, aw, jeez.” said Limbaugh.

“Well, that’s what happens when you have artificial hearing. Honest to God, it sounded like a female editor at some liberal magazine. Okay. Friday, cue the thing back up. Gee, I thought it was a girl. Ah, it’s embarrassing,” said Limbaugh.