Conservative Just Clobbered Entire Anti-Trump Panel On Lib “Meet The Press”, It’s Epic [Video]

Liberals desperately trying to push Republican President Donald Trump out of the White House have come up empty when it comes to Trump’s supposed “crimes,” so they have adopted the new tactic of trying to smear Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner instead.

They have been attempting to talk up Kushner’s attempt to set up a back channel communications network with the Russian government as a criminal act, when it is actually a routine diplomatic undertaking between world powers. When a panel full of anti-Trump liberals attempted to make this false point on NBC’s Meet the Press, a conservative writer single-handedly put them in their place.

Kimberly Strassel is a columnist for Wall Street Journal, and she attacked the argument head on. Said Strassel to the other panelists, “I think we are having a discussion that is absolutely divorced from reality. Let me set the scene for you — it’s 2008, we’re having an election, and candidate Obama, he’s not even president-elect, sends William Miller over to Iran and establish a backchannel and let the Iranians know, should he win the election, they’ll have friendlier terms. This is a private citizen going to a foreign country with a sworn enemy of the United States. Is that bad judgment? Is that a bad thing that happened?”

Liberal Joy Reid tried to push back with Strassel, saying, “In October, months before this latest meeting, and it was one of 18 separate contacts that we now know of between the Trump campaign and Russia, our primary adversary in the world, the collective judgment of the 17 intelligence agencies was that Russia had been taking active measures in our election.” She added, “If it’s a channel about opening up negotiations in terms of something about foreign policy, why are they also backchanneling with a bank, a Kremlin-connected Russian bank?” Responded Kimberly simply, “We don’t know the answer to any of those questions.” When host Charlie Sykes said, “You have to follow the money, you have to follow the lies, attempts to derail this investigation,” Strassel answered, “We don’t have any of that information.”

Sykes again tried to zing Kimberly, saying, “The reality is that Jared Kushner and the Trump administration apparently trusted the Russians more than the intelligence community. How can this not be suspicious?” Then Kimberly destroyed them, detailing, “One of the most interesting pieces of news that actually came out this week, was the FISA court revelation that they said that the Obama administration had been actively engaged in abusing fourth amendment protections by unmasking people’s identities on a routine basis, which they did not acknowledge to the court. And which they said, brought up major, major concerns. So maybe you wouldn’t trust that team in fact.” How much do you love Kimberly Strassel for setting them straight? Watch below: